Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Remodeling To Make An MCM Atomic Bedroom

From the moment that we bought this little house, I knew that, one day, I would remodel the bedroom and make the MCM, atomic, retro bedroom I have always wanted.

Well, it took three and half years, but I finally did it! The whole project cost less than $200. Here's a cost breakdown:

Pearly White Paint: $40
Aqua Paint: $20
Other Colors of Paint: $4
Mirrored Stars: $25 shipped
Curtains (colored and white): $60

I took some "Before" photos... kindly pardon the mess. Before the remodel, my bedroom was a dumping ground for things we didn't really know what to do with as far as storage went.

That last one there is after I emptied everything out of the closet in order to paint.

As you can see, there is a LOT of ugly, cheap paneling. I HATE this kind of paneling. I always see weird images in the fake wood grain. It's disturbing. 

I had painted over every single piece of this kind of paneling in the house EXCEPT here in the bedroom. Here's a video overview of the room before I started:

So, I painted the closet first, Saturday night:

Then, I painted the walls. Here is a "before" shot of one wall:
And the same wall after one coat of paint:
 A short video showing the way I found to paint paneling SUPAFAST!

And the same wall, again, after four coats of paint, finished: 

And the opposing wall, finished:
Here's a sneak peek shot after I started painting colors:



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