Thursday, May 2, 2013

Rehabbed Wringer Washing Machines

Repurposed and rehabbed retro wringer washing machines!
This isn't so much a how-to post but a "hey-I-did-this" sort of post. :-)

When we first started working on the property, there was an old, abandoned house here; been vacant since 1968 or something. It was beyond repair, but we saved what we could from it and carefully tore it down. Two of the things we found were these old wringer washing machines. Now, things were made with real quality back then, so, it wouldn't have surprised me that we could have made at least one of these work, if we would have wanted, despite that they sat outside for at least 30+ years.

The porcelain tubs were still in really great shape, as were the insides, and one of them even had the wringer attachment and lid! I immediately decided to rehab them into flower planters.

That was last April (as in 2012), and I, along with my auto painter husband, Tommy Lee, finally got around to finishing them. The boys moved them out front, we cleaned them up, scuffed them, and painted with regular red spray paint. I then filled the bottoms with rocks, topped with potting soil and filled them up with white candytuft and white vine petunias so that, later this summer when the flowers really get to growing and blooming, it'll look like soap bubbles pouring out of them!

Before we started
Amid the process

Just about done with one of them!


Filled with candytuft and petunias

With the wringer

They look so cute and retro!