Thursday, October 23, 2014

Kid's Bedroom Remodel - Turning a Teenager's Room Into A Pink Princess Haven

When my eldest daughter moved into her own place, it coincided nicely with my youngest being ready for her first big girl room. Little girl wanted pink and white stripes and some diamonds, so I took to Pinterest and researched a bunch of designs and things that I wanted to do in there before we ever started.

The room isn't very big; including the closet floor space, it's 10'x9'. Three of the four walls had painted paneling and one was a flat surface. Here is a "before" shot:

After we cleaned it out and removed those gawdawful sliding closet doors, I went to the hardware store and chose a very, very pale pink as the base color, a darker pink for the stripes and diamonds, and a dark brown and a dark pink for polka dots in the new reading nook, for which her Daddy made built-ins for her out of some scrap wood.

After three coats of pale pink (almost white) paint, we had this:

And then came the laying out of the harlequin diamonds, which took a surprisingly long time. I had no idea so much math was involved in it; there's a reason I became an English major. Anyway, while I was at work, my Tommy Lee taped off and painted the diamonds and then painted the stripes on the paneling sections.

I added the polka dots right before we moved in the custom bed her Daddy made for her out of her old crib and some scrap wood and some pink paint and all the bright pink accoutrements.

Here is the "after" shot: a pink princess's dream bedroom.

It's a lot of pink, but she loves it and it fits her personality perfectly. I've since touched up the dark pink paint and ran a little bit and put a second coat of color onto the polka dots, too. Turned out super sweet, I think. :)